Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition

The first Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition took place in Amsterdam in 2016. A year later, the competition took place in Aarhus, Denmark. This year, the University of Cassino (Italy) will host the third Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition on 14-16 June 2018.

See for an impression of the Hugo Moot as experienced by organisors and participants:

See for an impression of the Hugo Moot finals 2017:


About the competition

The HS MCC is an initiative from five befriended lecturers in labour law. The aim of the HS MCC is to deepen and improve the knowledge of employment and labour law at the European level. It offers an opportunity to experience the operation of the European labour law in an as realistic setting as possible. It is yearly returning event hosted in another country every year. The first HS MCC took place in Amsterdam in 2016. The next HS MCC will take place on 14-16 June 2018 and will be hosted by the University of Cassino, Italy.

The HS MCC is organised and supported by the following bodies:

Organising committee

Ronald Beltzer, University of Amsterdam (chair)
Antonio Garcia-Muñoz Alhambra, University of Castilla la Mancha
Piotr Grzebyk, University of Warsaw
Beryl ter Haar, University of Amsterdam
Attila Kun, Karoli Gaspar University Budapest
Zakaria Shvelidze, Tbilisi State University
Natalie Videbæk Munkholm, Aarhus University 

Case Committee (2018)

Mirjam A. de Blécourt
Peter J. Jansen
Christiaan Oberman
Monetta V. Ulrici

Advisory Board (all on personal title)

Takashi Araki (Japan) 
Gerrard Boot (Netherlands)
Guy Davidov (Israel)
Teun Jaspers (Netherlands)
Claire Kilpatrick (Italy)
Tonia Novitz (United Kingdom)     
Lukasz Pisarczyk (Poland) 
Mia Rönnmar (Sweden)
Isabelle Schömann (Belgium)
Jean-Michel Servais (Switzerland) 
Manfred Weiss (Germany)

Coordinating Assistants

Priscilla Bartens, University of Amsterdam
Bettina Kiss, Karoli Gaspar University Budapest

More details

See for more details about the organisational structure of the HS MCC the Statute of the HS MCC.

Published by  Hugo Sinzheimer Institute


20 December 2017