New EU funded research project: Dialogue for Advancing Social Europe (DIADSE)

5 January 2015

The HSI has been awarded a major two-year research grant within the call: Improving expertise in the field of industrial relations (VP/2014/004) of the Budget Heading Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue – European Commission. Prof. Dr. Evert Verhulp and Dr. Nuria Ramos Martín will coordinate the international research project 'Dialogue for Advancing Social Europe' (DIADSE).

Comparative analysis

The research team of the project will carry out a comparative analysis of labour law reforms and social dialogue initiatives in several EU Member States. This project will investigate how the social dimension of Europe both at the supranational and national levels has been affected by the latest socio-economic adjustments and how the EU social model might be re-constructed and advanced through social dialogue. The research team will examine the involvement of the social partners in labour and social reforms at EU Member States level – in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, and Belgium – in light of what have been the effects of those reforms.

The role of social partners

The DIADSE research project will investigate the role of the social partners in the reforms of collective bargaining systems and labour protection legislation occurring in several EU Member States and will study to what extent these reforms are efficient in achieving the objectives that they are aiming at: namely, enhanced employability, reduced labour market segmentation, and flexibility. The research will cover the reforms taking place in the last years, since the economic crisis started (2008-2015).

The project applies a juridical analytical framework combined with a qualitative analysis.

N.E. Ramos Martin

More information

For further information on this project, please contact Dr. Nuria Ramos Martín,

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