HSI Frankfurt meets HSI Amsterdam

22 May 2013

Hugo Sinzheimer Institute Franfurt visited its counterpart in Amsterdam.

On May 22, 2013 the Hugo Sinzheimer Institute Franfurt  visited its counterpart in Amsterdam. This visit was a return visit; HSi Amsterdam was invited to Frankfurt in 2011 (http://www.hugo-sinzheimer-institut.de/veranstaltungen). The theme then was:  The erosion of the area collective agreement (shared experiences despite fundamental differences in the legal and actual framework of collective agreements in the Netherlands and Germany”.

This years’ theme was:  Erosion of the standard employment relationship - shared experiences in the Netherlands and Germany?  

Manfred Weiss chaired the conference.

Delegates from both institutes gave a presentation on different subjects.    


  • Not More But Less External Flexibility Is Needed: Manfred Weiss (Dld) 
  • Fixed Term Work: Silvia Wentzel (Dld) & Saskia Peters (NL)
  • Temporary Agency Work: Christoph Löbig (Dld) & Evert Verhulp(NL)
  • Outsourcing Trends: Johannes Heuschmidt (Dld) & Mies Westerveld and Beryl ter Haar (NL).

The conference ended with a discussion: Which forms of labour contract should we allow, which forms need legal attention and which forms should not be accommodated?

Published by  Hugo Sinzheimer Institute