About the Hugo Sinzheimer Institute

The Hugo Sinzheimer Institute is affiliated to the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam. Researchers from the institute are specialised in the fields of Labour and Law. The institute is named after the German labour lawyer and legal sociologist Hugo Sinzheimer (1875-1945). Sinzheimer came to the Netherlands in 1933 and here, he was appointed as a professor at the University of Amsterdam.

The Hugo Sinzheimer Institute for research into Labour and Law has as its objective the coordination, implementation and stimulation of interdisciplinary research into the practice of labour law and social security law. Therefore it combines insights from the social sciences, legal dogmas and legal theories in its research. To put the objectives of the institute into practice, the Hugo Sinzheimer Institute initiates and conducts research, gives advice and organises meetings, conferences, courses, etc.

The HSI takes part in various international research networks, among which the 'Human Resource Management in Multinational Companies-Network' and the 'Transitional Labour Markets-Network'. The second network has been coordinated by the Wissenschaftzentrum für Sozialforschung Berlin and both networks are supported by the EU. Furthermore, the HSI functions as the Dutch reporter for the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO), which is coordinated by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions in Dublin. Together with other institutes from the University of Amsterdam, the HSI manages the Temp Work Research Monitor (TWRM) website and provides information on research reports and articles relating to temporary employment.

Published by  Hugo Sinzheimer Institute

18 July 2016